Our beliefs

  • Emotions do the selling

  • Today’s customer experience is multi- and cross-channel and must be consistent throughout the customer journey. Each contact point must generate value ; if it doesn’t, there is no point in investing in high-street shops.

  • Diversifying and tailoring the way you interact with your customers is the best way to encourage buying, increase average customer spending and build customer loyalty.

Our capabilities

  • Benchmarks and retail tours
  • Customer journey value chain analysis (web – web to store – store –  store to web)
  • Innovative service design and service diversification before, during and after sales (web – store – web to store – store to web) as well as client satisfaction impact assessment, customer retention and repeat purchases
  • Concept store development (brand identity and values, product range / merchandising, services, client journey, workstation ergonomics etc.), including alternatives to fit chosen distribution models (flagship, pop-up store, franchise, etc.)