PUIG – Sales and Marketing Department (Retail Sell-Through) Spain

Optimise the organisation of the Sell-Through Department in Spain (80 outlets, 190 staff)

Results :

  • Definition of its vision and ambition for the whole network
  • Rationalisation of line management, including the removal of one hierarchical level
  • Regionalisation review to create outlet clusters which are consistent in terms of business volume and geographical area
  • Overhauled the variable-pay system
  • Overhauled and simplified the business management system, based on YTD information and assumptions for the current year.
  • Identified a pool of coaches
“Rethink and optimise my commercial organisation”

Working with Moon-by Consulting was a significant moment for me: in no time at all they helped me rethink and optimise my commercial organisation, develop a clearly visionary and ambitious roadmap based on relevant operational transformation pillars, and redesign my variable-pay structure. The result was better engagement from my teams and naturally improved performance. Moon-by Consulting is a key business partner for improving the performance of distribution networksSébastien Schafer – Sell-Through & Education Director, Puig Spain